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TEAS Test Dates And Registration: A Comprehensive Guide

You are about to take the TEAS Practice Test and you want to know more details about TEAS test dates. Let's clarify it on our website!

January 1, 2022

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The ATI TEAS, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, was designed to measure a student’s skills in the areas of English and Language Usage, Mathematics, Science, and Reading. TEAS offers the College an additional standardized assessment tool to review applicant skill levels for entering the health science fields. You are about to take the TEAS Practice Test and you want to know more details about TEAS test dates. Let’s clarify it on our website!

What Is The TEAS?

The ATI TEAS (exam of Essential Academic Skills) is a multiple-choice standardized exam meant to measure a student’s knowledge and preparation for nursing schools, and it is usually a prerequisite for admission to nursing school and becoming a nurse. Nursing has been a highly sought-after professional choice in recent years. The average nurse’s salary in the United States is $82,750. Because the TEAS test is so significant in the process of becoming a registered nurse, it is critical to be as prepared as possible for it.

What Is Covered In The TEAS Test?

The main TEAS Exam information you should know:

The TEAS test has 170 multiple-choice questions

Time limit: 209 minutes

This test is Computer-based

A 4-function calculator is provided within the computer-based TEAS test

The non-refundable fee is $100.00

Subtests included:

  • Reading: Key concepts, craft, structure, and integration of knowledge
  • Math: Numbers, algebra, measurement, and data
  • Science: Scientific reasoning, life science, and physical science
  • English: conventions, language, and vocabulary

Students can take the TEAS test 3 times/year; no sooner than 4 weeks between attempts

TEAS test scores are invalid after 2 two years

TEAS Exam Registration

Registering for the TEAS test can be an effortless process if candidates follow the instructions on the ATI TEAS website. The website gives step-by-step instructions on how to register for the exam in a way that makes registering intuitive.

Candidates should use the following steps to register for the TEAS exam:

  • Review program requirements: Candidates should consult with their admissions advisor at the college or university they plan to attend for specific requirements they need to meet before applying for admission. This includes TEAS exam dates, locations they can take the exam, how many times they can take the test, and deadlines they need to meet.
  • Choose a method for proctoring the TEAS test: There are currently four methods test-takers can choose from to take their exam. Before selecting a method, candidates should check with their program advisor to see what methods are offered. These methods include TEAS Online-proctored by ATI, TEAS Online-proctored by the institution, TEAS In-Person-proctored by the institution, or TEAS In-Person-proctored by PSI.
  • Select testing dates, locations, and times: Once test-takers have chosen their method of testing, they will be asked to choose the testing date, time, and location they wish to test. Candidates should follow the requirements from their university program for this step. They can also refer to the ATI website for the registration process. During this step, candidates can also choose whether they wish to receive additional transcripts for their testing results.
  • Test preparation: This last step is crucial for candidates to follow since it includes ensuring they are ready for their testing day. There are various test preparation materials available to develop a study plan. Candidates should ensure enough time to study before scheduling their exams.

In short, to officially register for the TEAS test date and center, participants have to completely register for the test on the official ATI website. You can find all of the upcoming testing appointments here by choosing your colleagues or your city and state. A list of all test centers and TEAS test dates will be shown. If none of these is convenient for you, you can also find test centers in other nearby cities. Once you complete registration, you will receive a confirmation email from ATI.

Additionally, be careful of your options when registering for the ATI testing dates because once the schedule is made, you may not change or cancel it. The registration fee for the exam is nonrefundable. To read more details about TEAS test cost, read our articles about TEAS Test Cost and Payment method.

Registration Policies

The TEAS exam, like most others, requires applicants to observe specific rules and norms when registering for and taking the exam. The majority of the policies pertain to the institution to which the test-taker is asking for admission. Candidates are invited to discuss any additional policies with their admissions adviser.

There are particular standards for both the technology utilized and how to execute the proctored exam for applicants who wish to take their TEAS exam online. For individuals taking in-person tests, there are also regulations outlining what should and should not be brought to the testing facility. Government-issued identification, testing tickets, and sharpened pencils are essential items to bring to an in-person testing venue.

By providing for specific concessions, all testing techniques fulfill the criteria of the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act. Candidates must present appropriate documents such as physician reports and additional information as asked in order to acquire these accommodations. Candidates should do this at registration to provide for enough accommodations.

Candidates may contact their program adviser or visit the ATI TEAS website for further information on testing regulations and permissible accommodations.

TEAS Test Dates

teas test dates
TEAS test dates


TEAS Test dates

The TEAS test is held on a continuous basis throughout the year. The specific ATI test dates are dependent on the testing center where you choose to take the exam. To register for the TEAS exam, candidates can visit ATItesting.com where you will also find upcoming TEAS exam dates

The tests are usually offered by community colleges and universities. Students can take the exam at the academic institutions they’re applying to. You can also take the exam at one of the ATI testing centers, which are distributed in various cities throughout most states.

When can I take the TEAS test?

It is suggested that students should take the TEAS test early, especially in their freshman year of college. ATI recommends that you should pay for at least 6 weeks to prepare for the TEAS. The most common mistake that candidates have on the TEAS is not having enough time to learn all of the concepts. It’s very important to prepare seriously for your exam!

Most nursing programs require students to complete the TEAS test before a deadline. If you’re about to start a program in the fall, you should pass the test at least a semester in advance. 

Late registration for the TEAS may make you miss the deadline and prevent you from enlisting in a program and, at the very least, it may force you to wait until the next semester. To avoid this regret case, you should schedule for the TEAS at least 2 months in advance before the TEAS test dates.

TEAS Exam Testing Locations

When it comes to taking the TEAS exam, candidates have various options, including whether to take the exam remotely or in person. The program to which the candidate intends to apply for admission will be the greatest source of information about TEAS test sites. Furthermore, the ATI website can assist applicants in locating TEAS testing sites that are convenient for the test-taker.

The following are the TEAS test options:

  • TEAS Online: proctored by ATI
  • TEAS Online: proctored by the institution where the candidate is applying for admissions
  • TEAS In-Person: proctored by PSI
  • TEAS In-Person: proctored by the institution where the candidate is applying for admissions

TEAS Test Locations: Online (Proctored by ATI)

When a candidate registers for the Online (proctored by ATI) TEAS exam, they are provided a lot of information to ensure that nothing goes wrong on the day of the test. Under this strategy, the ATI website provides fast recommendations that applicants should know before taking their exam, such as time allotment and information about their Admissions ID.

The website also states that applicants should ensure that their machine satisfies the technical criteria based on a list supplied by ATI prior to the exam date. This list covers system prerequisites as well as software that should be activated or disabled.

ATI also allows students to perform a trial run of the exam, which will tell them whether their computer will operate on testing day. They also give information on the testing day, such as making sure their computer is fully charged and starting the login procedure at least 30 minutes ahead of time to ensure they are ready to go when the exam begins.

TEAS Test Locations: Online (Proctored by Institution)

Taking the TEAS exam online through the university where the individual is applying for admissions is similar to taking the ATI online exam. A proctor will oversee the testing session from start to finish. This test can be taken from home, another remote location, or a computer lab within the university.

On both the ATI and the institutional websites, testing guidelines concerning best practices are offered to ensure applicants are completely equipped with the necessary equipment to take the exam. This advice covers how much time they should set aside for the exam as well as how to arrange their testing environment so that they may completely concentrate on the exam.

For best practices, certain applications may be necessary or requested to be deactivated during the test. Again, the applicant is advised to check in early enough on the testing day to ensure that there are no delays in starting the exam.

TEAS Test Locations: In-Person (Proctored at Institution)

When a candidate decides to take the TEAS test in person at their school, their program adviser should walk them through the procedure to ensure they are well prepared. Information on testing policies will be supplied, as with the other techniques. This material will include regulations such as what they should and should not bring to the testing location.

Arrive at the testing venue at least 15 minutes before the testing time to guarantee they may be checked in without a problem, according to the testing instructions supplied for the institution’s in-person tests. Candidates are required to present picture identification, which may be government-issued.

If applicants are taking the paper-based test at their institution, they must have number two pencils that are already sharpened, as well as an eraser. If necessary, scratch paper and a calculator are given. The institution where the individual is applying for admission may give further information.

TEAS Test Locations: In-Person (Proctored by PSI)

Candidates who register to take the TEAS exam in person at a PSI testing facility must ensure that testing dates are available at the time they desire to take the test. The ATI testing site, like the other options, provides information regarding the test. The registration process for applicants who want to take the exam at a PSI facility is simple and may be completed on the ATI testing website.

Test takers should thoroughly review the testing center’s varied testing regulations and registration processes. Candidates should pay special attention to the TEAS testing centers for the one they want to select to ensure they select the proper site.

The website contains numerous policies, such as what to bring to the testing location and what to leave at home. The registration booklet also discusses what test takers might expect on testing day, such as time allotments and behavioral standards once the exam begins.

TEAS Test Administration

On the day of your test, you should arrive at least 15 minutes early for verifying your identity and checking in. 

 What to bring

  • A valid Government-issued identification with a photo, your signature, your current address, and a unique number or barcode(e.g a driver’s license or state ID card, passport number, or US permanent resident card). Student ID card or credit card is not acceptable
  • 2 sharpened No. 2 pencils with an attached eraser. Pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, or separate erasers are not accepted.
  •  ATI assessment ID (included in the ATI confirmation email)

What not to bring

  • Leave any electronic devices in your car or at home (e.g., cell or smartphones, tablets, portable music players, or smartwatches). 

Exception: Items documented as medically are accepted

  • Do not bring a calculator, you will be provided one.

  • Clothing and accessories (e.g. a jacket, hat, or sunglasses). 

Exception: Items of religious apparel are allowed

  • Other personal items (e.g. purse, backpack, or bag)

  • Food and beverages

What to be provided by the proctor

If you are taking the paper-and-pencil version of the test, you will be provided a four-function calculator.

For the computer-based version, the calculator will be available on the screen.

Scratch paper: this paper should be empty before the test, and it must be returned to the proctor at the end of the test.

Note if you need to leave or need the proctor’s assistance for any other reason during the test, you must raise your hand and be agreed by the proctor. Meanwhile, the timer is still counting down; any time you miss cannot be made up. 

After finishing the test, celebrate! You’ve worked hard and performed your best. Now it’s time to congratulate yourself and relax to release your stress.

Latest Information About the TEAS exam

Due to COVID-19, the TEAS exam also offers a remote version. The online proctored exam requires various secure exam settings including video, audio, as well as screen recording to ensure the integrity of the exams. For more details, please visit the official TEAS website.

What You Will Need to Take the Test Online (Remotely):

  • Laptop or PC (no iPads, tablets, or phones can be used)

  • Install Google Chrome: the test can not be taken by any other browsers

  • Microphone: Any microphone, either internal or external

  • Webcam: 320×240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external

  • Create an account and register to take the TEAS Exam 

  •  Have a current photo ID

  • A well-lit, quiet space to take the assessment

Test Preparation Resources

There are various resources that can provide you with preparation for this test. On our website, we have the free TEAS practice test tool that includes thousands of free TEAS practice questions for all 4 TEAS subtests.

Let’s take our free TEAS practice tests to familiarize yourself with the general tone and format of the exam. Each question also has a detailed explanation of right and wrong responses that can help you completely understand the problem.


Final Words

In conclusion, being aware of TEAS test dates is crucial for individuals planning to take the exam. Understanding the availability of test dates allows students to plan their preparation timeline effectively and ensure they have ample time to study and review. It is important to regularly check the official website or contact the testing center to stay updated on the upcoming TEAS test dates. By being proactive and scheduling the exam in advance, students can avoid last-minute stress and secure their preferred test date. Remember, proper planning and preparation, coupled with knowledge of TEAS test dates, will greatly contribute to a successful and confident test-taking experience.

Hope that this blog post provides you with everything you need about TEAS test dates. Now it’s time for the TEAS practice test