TEAS Reading Practice Test

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Our free TEAS Reading Practice Test

Welcome to our free ATI TEAS Reading Practice Test. The following sample test consists of 10 TEAS reading questions so you can get a clear overview of what to expect in the reading section of the TEAS. Each question is attached with the correct answer as well as a detailed answer explanation.

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The TEAS Reading test will assess your paragraph and informational source comprehension knowledge. For paragraph comprehension questions, you have to read a paragraph and then answer some questions related to it. Meanwhile, the informational source will mainly include graphics or statements. Start your free ATI TEAS Reading Practice Tests prep right now!

Let's start with the 10 sample questions:

Paragraph: The next three questions (1-2-3) are based on the following passage.

What’s Real About It?

I suppose I don’t understand why it is called reality television. It has been argued that reality television has been a part of television since the beginning of television programming. Through game shows and daytime talk shows, real people, as in non-actors, have made appearances on television for the entertainment of others. A new genre of reality television that became a new phenomenon, however, was introduced in the year 2000, with shows such as “Survivor.”

The idea behind “Survivor” is like many in reality television. There are contestants, who are put in extreme situations, and in the end, someone wins a prize. The other main style of reality television involves cameras the following someone around as they live their daily life.

My confusion comes from the title of reality. Reality means the state in which things actually exist, but reality television does not display the state in which life actually exists. In real life, not many people will be deserted on a distant island or forced to live in a house with several strangers. Additionally, cameras do not follow people around on a normal day. People live their lives and exist in a reality that is not meant for entertainment or for masses of people to watch.

It is no surprise to discover that most audiences find it interesting to watch people who are not actors on television. There is something intriguing about fame for the average person. It is as if the viewer can relate more to the show that he or she is watching because it is real people put in fake situations rather than fake people and characters acting in life-like situations. However, there cannot be anything called reality television that would be both an accurate description of life and provide necessary entertainment.

About the TEAS 6 Reading test

TEAS Reading Practice Test TEAS Reading Practice Test


The TEAS reading subtest will evaluate a student’s ability to collect and understand information from a passage and make decisions from that information. Learning with the TEAS Reading practice test is a very excellent way to get ready for your coming TEAS.

The current version of the TEAS is the ATI TEAS 6, and the new version TEAS 7 will be released. With this 6th version of the TEAS, you will now have 64 minutes to finish 53 questions of the reading section. This means that you have a little more than one minute to complete a question.

On our TEAS Reading practice test, questions are sorted into 3 different types, 

  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Craft and Structure

We will cover each type in greater detail:

Key Ideas and Details

This kind of question assesses a student's ability to identify pattern sequences in words, choose the useful details in a sentence or passage, and have a conclusion from this information. Most TEAS reading questions consist of these questions, with around 22 out of the 53 asking about Key Ideas and Details questions.

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

On the TEAS 6 reading test, 11 questions are about the Integration of Knowledge and Ideas questions. This kind of test question relates to picking out details from sources and evidence in written text. You may have to recognize the differences between primary and secondary source material, indicate the differences or find the similarities between two written texts, and make decisions about which source is reliable.

Craft and Structure

There are 14 questions about craft and structure questions on the TEAS Test Reading passages.

This last type of question evaluates a student's skills to read a passage and draw logical conclusions from that passage. You may have to indicate someone’s opinion on a specific topic, grasp the meaning of a word when they are used in a particular case, and recognize which statement is objective and which one is subjective. 

If you’re finding a TEAS Reading practice test pack, you can visit our homepage now! Besides, we offer a free TEAS Reading study guide to help you grasp all the essential information about this TEAS Section.

TEAS Reading FAQs

How do I pass the TEAS test reading?

Practice makes perfect. Practice with our TEAS Reading practice test online or even offline with our application on your mobile whenever you are free. Familiarize yourself with the time pressure by estimating the same time you need to allot to each question as on the real test. Pay more attention to the wording in the passage and questions. They may give you some helpful hints that can allow you to find the correct answer.

How many questions are in the Reading section of the TEAS?

The TEAS Reading section has a total of 53 questions, while only 47 of them are scored and 6 remaining questions are unscored. You will not know which questions are scored and which ones are not. You can practice all these questions with our TEAS Reading practice test.

How long is the TEAS Reading subtest?

You’ll have 64 minutes in total for this section. That means you’ll have just a little bit over one minute for each question. One passage in TEAS Reading Test can have several related questions. For example, the same passage may include a question about finding an opinion, another question about selecting a better title, or even determining the meaning of a specific word used in the paragraph.

How many TEAS Reading practice tests should I take?

As many as possible. As mentioned above, practice makes perfect. But if you do not have enough time to study, we recommend you take at least two full TEAS Reading Practice Test packs which can help you ace your Reading TEAS Test. The first one is when you start learning and the other one is before you take the actual test. After your first test, you can identify your weakness and strength to have a proper learning path. 

That's all you need to know about the TEAS Reading Practice Test. Now it's time for practicing with our free TEAS Practice Test. Let's start!