TEAS English and Language Usage Practice Test

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Start learning with us now! Welcome to our free ATI TEAS English Practice Test. The following TEAS English sample test includes 10 English Language Usage practice questions so you can get a closer look at what to expect in this TEAS section. Each question is followed with the correct answer as well as a detailed explanation.

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What to Study for TEAS English and Language Usage?

In the TEAS English and Language Usage subtest, you’ll be tested on grammar, parts of speech, punctuation rules, and agreement rules, as well as the steps for the writing process. 

There are 28 questions in total, while 24 of them are scored and the 4 remaining questions are unscored. They will be shuffled and you can not know which one is unscored. The specific types and number of questions are listed below:

  • 9 questions about standard English
  • 9 questions on knowledge of language and grammar
  • 6 questions on vocabulary and medical term
  • 4 unscored questions

Students have 28 minutes to complete 28 questions in this section. That means you’ll have exactly 1 minute to answer a question. This section is 28 minutes, and you’ll have a total of 28 questions. Our free TEAS English practice test questions will allow you to identify where you need to pay more attention before test day. 

Once you take lots of practice with ATI TEAS English and language usage practice test questions, you can identify some rules that help you quickly find the correct answer for a question. We also offer a free TEAS English study guide to help you know all the essential information about this subtest.

Now, let’s have more details about each type of sub-content you might meet on your TEAS English test.

Standard English

This type focuses on parts of speech, punctuation rules, as well as spelling rules. You will have to remember the standard rules for colons, semicolons, commas, and quotation marks as well as homophones and homographs. There are some words that either sound alike or are even exactly the same but they have distinct meanings. For example, ball with bawl, caret with carrot, dual with duel, eye with i, etc,.

You’ll have 9 scored questions that cover the following topics:

  • Find the correctly spelled word
  • Identify the correct homograph or homophone
  • Making singular nouns plural
  • Identify the correct punctuation marks for phrases and clauses as well as independent and dependent clauses
  • Determine parts of speech

Knowledge of Grammar and Language Use

This section primarily tests your grammar with the biggest topic being agreement. Students often answer these questions incorrectly. If you can perform well on agreement questions, you can easily achieve a better TEAS score.

Questions related to the agreement include both subject-verb agreement and pronoun-antecedent agreement. These names may make you overwhelmed, but it is merely asking if a subject of a sentence is singular or plural and then identifying the right verb or pronoun for it.

There are 9 scored questions covering these topics:

  • Pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Consistent verb tense
  • Finding correct transition words to link phrases and clauses
  • Formal and informal language
  • Meaning of slang and colloquial language
  • Using the writing process such as outlines, paragraph development, and revision

With our TEAS grammar practice test, you can learn all these topics anytime you want.

Vocabulary and medical term

This type of question concentrates on choosing the right context and tone, the synonym of a word, and working with prefixes and suffixes. 

Moreover, you’ll face various questions on medical terminology. You will also have to indicate which suffixes can show different parts of speech. For example, a word that ends with the suffix -ly is often an adverb.

6 scored questions involve the following sub-contents:

  • Common prefixes
  • Common suffixes
  • Common roots used in medical terminology
  • Identifying the right definition with a sample dictionary entry
  • Finding the best synonym given a tone and context
  • Choosing the right meaning of a word based on part of speech and context clues

Let’s take our free TEAS English practice test packs to familiarize ourselves with the test question format!

Taking practice tests is the best way to memorize all the grammar rules. You might need to spend a few weeks studying for this section before taking the real test. Ensure you get a deep understanding of independent and dependent clauses, punctuation rules, and agreements. 

TEAS English and Language Usage - FAQs

Will I have to take the writing test in TEAS?

You do not have to write anything in the TEAS test. All the questions on the test are multiple-choice. You might be asked to write an essay by some nursing programs but actually, it does not relate to the TEAS.  

What topics are covered on the TEAS English and Language Usage exam?

  • Identify and use correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Analyze sentence structures.
  • Differentiate between informal and formal writing.
  • Use context clues to understand words and phrases.
  • Develop clear and concise paragraphs.

How many questions are on the TEAS English Test?

Students have 28 minutes to complete 28 English questions. This is the shortest section on the TEAS. However, it is the last section of the test so you can be tired of this. You’re almost completed! Just take a deep breath and relax for a minute. 

What is the passing score on the TEAS English test?

You will be in the safe zone if your average score is above 70%. Let’s start learning with our free TEAS English practice test packs to get ready for your TEAS! 

Now it’s time for practicing with our free TEAS Practice Test. Let’s start! To download, visit our website for your IOS or Android device.