how long is the teas test

How long is the Teas Test 2021?

You are wondering how long is the TEAS test and how to organize your time. Visit our website to know more details and get free TEAS Practice Test!

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You’re eager to apply to nursing or postsecondary health science school, but you must first pass the ATI TEAS Exam! What is this test that stands between you and your dream school? You are still wondering how long is the TEAS test and how to organize your time during the test. Learn everything you need to know about TEAS test time in this article.

how long is the teas test
How long is the TEAS test?


How does the TEAS Test Length affect your Performance?

The ATI TEAS exam 5.0 is a timed assessment test designed to evaluate the fundamental academic prerequisites in pre-nursing students in the United States. The nursing program colleges use the results of the tests, as well as the candidates’ other academic records and credentials while assessing applications. 

How many sections, questions, and question types are there in the TEAS 5.0 test?

The test consists of 170 multiple-choice questions divided into four academic sections: Mathematics, Science, English Language & Usage, and Reading. It’s important to note that 20 out of the 170 questions are not scored. Students should regard each question equally because there is no way of knowing whether questions will be scored or not during the actual test. So how long does the TEAS test take? In the next paragraph, we will answer this question.  

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How long is the TEAS test?

The TEAS test time is limited to 209 minutes in total. However, each test part has a specific time limit which is mentioned in the next paragraph.

What is the Allotted Time for the TEAS Test? (How long are the individual test sections?)

The allotted time for students is around 3 1/2 hours to complete the TEAS test. This test is divided into four sections, each of which has a set of items. The sections that are featured on the TEAS, as well as the time allocated for each section, are listed below:

  • Mathematics: Given the importance of math in a nurse’s or allied health professional’s everyday tasks, it’s no wonder that one of the parts of the TEAS is dedicated to it. Students will be provided with 36 items and have to finish them within 54 minutes. This part contains mathematical concepts that applicants learned in secondary school and during their college pre-program years such as numbers, algebra, measurement, and data
  • Reading: Reading comprehension is a fundamental skill that any student entering a nursing or allied health school must possess. Students will have 64 minutes to complete these 53 items, which include essential ideas, passage structure and craft, and knowledge integration.
  • Science: The science section includes a thorough examination of key ideas that will be useful in a future nursing profession. Students will be given 53 exam items and 63 minutes to answer questions regarding physical science, the human body, life science, and scientific reasoning in this part
  • English Language & Usage: This is the quickest part of the test, and it confirms that students have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of Language skills. Students will have 28 minutes to finish 28 questions to prove their knowledge of English norms, grammar, and vocabulary.

On average, how much time is available for 1 question in the test?

Answers to questions concerning the length of the entire test as well as the length of each test section will now decide this. The most significant element here is that during the actual test, the 20 unscored questions will be distributed randomly throughout the four test parts. This makes calculating the average time allowed for each question in each exam section very impossible. To address this issue, let’s consider a best-case scenario. Let’s suppose the 20 unscored items are evenly distributed among the four parts of the test. In this case, each test part will have the following total number of questions:

  • Mathematics: 31 + 5 = 36 questions and 51 minutes in total 
  • Reading: 48 + 5 = 53 questions and 58 minutes in total 
  • Science: 48 + 5 = 53 questions and 66 minutes in total 
  • English: 23 + 5 = 28 questions and 34 minutes in total.

We can determine the average duration for each question in each test part using this best-case scenario:

  • Mathematics: 51/36 = 1.41 minutes per question
  • Reading: 58/53 = 1.09 minutes per question
  • Science: 66/53 = 1.24 minutes per question
  • English: 35/28 = 1.25 minutes per question

How do the time limits impact an applicant’s performance?

In any standardized test, time is a critical factor, and the TEAS is no exception. We feel that the above example illustrates how difficult the test is due to the strict time pressures. Candidates may become panicked and make mistakes due to a lack of time. It should be emphasized, however, that the distribution of un-scored items during the actual exam may differ from what we have discussed here. This simply implies that in certain exam parts, an applicant may have a little less than a minute for each question, while in others, they may have a little more than a minute. As a result, effective time management and fast thinking are essential for passing the TEAS 5.0 exam.

How should you time your questions during the test?

How long is the TEAS test good for an applicant to manage time for each question? A student should not spend more than one minute on any question in any exam section. Every question must be answered as fast as possible. Let’s suppose a question is challenging, and an applicant has already spent 30 seconds or more thinking about it with no idea what the solution is. After that, the applicant can mark the question for later review and return to it after completing all of the other questions in that section of the test. This will save time, but be careful not to flag too many questions until the end, since this can cause panic in the exam section’s last minutes.

how long is the teas test
How long is the TEAS test?

We hope that this blog has provided thorough answers to commonly asked concerns about how long is the TEAS test, as well as the amount of time available for each test question. Now it’s time to take our free TEAS practice test. Let’s practice now!

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