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Free ATI TEAS Test Study Guide [2024 Updated]

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January 1, 2022

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Our FREE ATI TEAS test study guide is useful material if you’re preparing for the test! We give you a summary of the core concepts that might appear on the TEAS so you will not be overwhelmed when facing it. The knowledge is sorted into 4 TEAS sections: Maths, English, Science, and Reading so you can easily focus on each! 

The TEAS test covers 4 sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage. There are 170 questions in total and students have 3.5 hours to complete them. The average TEAS score is around 65%, but you should achieve more than 70% to be in the safe zone.

This score will likely identify where you get into nursing school, so it’s important to perform well. And the first thing you need to know to pass the TEAS is what is tested on the exam.

What’s on the TEAS test?

We’ll show you what you should know about all the TEAS sections and the best TEAS test study guide for each section.

TEAS Reading Test

In this section, students need to complete 53 multiple choice questions covering Key Ideas and Details, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, and Craft and Structure. Here are specific topics you might meet in the TEAS Reading Section: 

  • Topic, Main Idea, and Supporting Details
  • Summaries
  • Following Directions & Sequences
  • Printed Communications & Graphs
  • Author’s Purpose, Opinion, and Bias
  • Context Clues & Figurative Language
  • Text Features
  • Text Structures & Modes
  • Types of Sources
  • Logical Conclusions, Inferences, and Predictions
  • Evaluating & Integrating Sources
  • Evaluating Themes and Arguments

Let’s take a look at our TEAS Reading Tips to get a complete TEAS reading study guide.

ATI TEAS Math Section

36 multiple-choice questions cover Measurement and Data, Numbers and Algebra, arithmetic, the order of operations (PEMDAS), word problems, and geometric measurement. The TEAS Math test will consist of practice problems on these topics: 

  • Operations with Numbers and Fractions
  • Rational Numbers
  • Word Problems
  • Algebra with one variable
  • Percentages
  • Data, Statistics, and Variables
  • Geometric Measurements
  • Conversions and the Metric System
  • Charts, Graphs, & Tables

Let’s see more details in our TEAS Math Study Guide to get full ATI study guide for the math section.

TEAS Science Section

You’ll have 53 total problems in this Science Section covering human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology, and the scientific method. You should pay more attention to human anatomy and physiology because this topic occupies 32 questions in the Science Section. There are 8 questions on Chemistry and Biology, 7 questions on Scientific Method and 6 unscored questions. The specific topics on TEAS science are listed below: 

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Body Organization: organelle functions, anatomical cavities, planes, organ system organization, and directions
  • Respiratory System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Reproductive System
  • Endocrine System
  • Immune System
  • Integumentary System
  • Genitourinary System
  • Skeletal System 
  • Neuromuscular System
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Pathology 

Biology, Chemistry

  • Phase Changes & States of Matter
  • Chemical Bonds and Reactions
  • Acids and Bases
  • Catalysts and Enzymes
  • Periodic Table of Elements
  • Cellular Biology
  • Macromolecules
  • DNA and Chromosomes
  • Genetics and Inheritance

Scientific Method

  • Experimental Design and Analysis
  • Scientific Measurement and Tools
  • Scientific Relationships and Sequences
  • Scientific Reasoning and Logic
  • Scientific Measurement and Tools

Learn more about what to study for the science portion on the TEAS with our available TEAS Science Study Guide

TEAS English Prep

There are 28 questions in total and students have 28 minutes to complete them. 24 of them are scored while 4 are unscored. You’ll be tested on Standard English, Knowledge of Grammar and Language Use, and Vocabulary and medical terms. Here are the specific topics covered in the TEAS English Test:

  • Spelling & Similar Sounding Words
  • Sentence Parts & Terms
  • Punctuation Rules
  • Parts of Speech
  • Irregular Plural Nouns
  • Grammar & Clarity
  • Formal & Informal Language
  • Medical Terminology and Word Parts
  • Word Meaning and Context Clues

Look for more information with our TEAS English Study Guide.

 TEAS Test Study Guide
TEAS Test Study Guide


TEAS Test Tips

  1. Make a plan

Before starting your TEAS exam prep, you should make a specific study plan. You should answer some questions like:

  • How long do I have before I take the TEAS?
  • How long should I spend on each section?
  • What TEAS section am I most worried about?
  • What studying and practicing resources are available and proper to me? 

Answering these questions will allow you to schedule your time to get everything worked in case something unexpected comes up. It also ensures you cover all the knowledge areas in time before taking the real test.  In order to pass the test easier, you should learn more about How to study for the TEAS test to know how to create an effective TEAS study plan.

  1. Don’t cram study

The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) recommends that candidates should spend at least six weeks preparing and studying before taking the test. If you do not have enough 6 weeks to prepare, don’t worry! Try to list the core concepts and prioritize mastering them first. 

If you do have the full six weeks to prepare, set a proper daily time to study. A specific time such as 2 hours per day can allow you to concentrate more on your study. A great rule of thumb in the last few days before an exam is to relax. Although you wish to ensure to pass the test, you also do not want to burn yourself out!

  1. Practice as much as possible

Practice makes perfect. Combining study theory with practice tests is a great way to pass any kind of test. And it’s still a truth to perform with the TEAS. 

While you can study all the subject areas on your own, you should take more TEAS practice tests. This will not only allow you to know what types of questions could appear on the exam, but you also familiarize yourself with the test format. You might find it helpful to complete a practice test with the time pressure by using a timer. 

Utilizing the TEAS test study material including TEAS test book and TEAS sample tests.

If you are looking for a TEAS practice test source, visit our homepage. Hundreds of students have successfully passed their exams with our TEAS Test Prep. Click HERE to start now!

  1. Take care of yourself

Don’t overstress yourself. Although it is a very important exam, you should keep your confidence as best as you can to enter the test room. On the night before the exam, do not try to urge to study through the night. Just relax and try to do something fun such as watching a comedy movie, listening to music, or hanging out with friends. Make sure to get a full night’s sleep and always take care of yourself when preparing for an exam.

Our Free TEAS Practice Test Pack

We are proud to say that our free TEAS practice test website and application have helped hundreds of students confidently pass their exams. You can practice directly on your browser by visiting our homepage or download to practice offline on your mobile via these links:

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500+ free TEAS practice questions are available for all 4 TEAS sections combined with our TEAS Test Study Guide Series will allow you to master all the knowledge areas.

When practicing within our website, users can experience several interesting features:

  • 500+ free TEAS practice questions are mimic the questions on real tests
  • Dozens of full simulated tests: Same number of questions, same time limits, same structure as the actual test. The exam simulators let you familiarize yourself with the test format and get 100% ready for your big day!
  • Detailed explanations: Each question is followed by a detailed explanation to let you know why an option was correct and the others were not. A well understanding always helps you remember better!!!
  • Gamification: The learning process was divided into small milestones. Let’s make your learning process interesting like playing games.
  • No Signup or Login Required: All your progress is saved without an account even if you close your browser. No usernames, no passwords required – just training.
  • Study on any device: You can browse to study on any device from your phone to tablet and PC. Keep staying any time to get more knowledge!

Best TEAS Test FAQs

Do I get a calculator on the TEAS?

Yes, you will be provided a calculator that’s built into the testing program during the math section. Don’t bring your own.

How long is the TEAS test?

You’ll spend just 3 and a half hours to complete the TEAS, which does not include a short break. You will have 64 minutes for Reading, 54 minutes for Math, 63 minutes for Science, and 28 minutes for the English section.

What is a good TEAS score?

The TEAS passing score depends on your nursing program. Generally speaking, a TEAS score above 70% is considered a good TEAS Score. A score in this range often ensures a student to qualify for a nursing program, especially for ADN/ASN programs. Of course, it varies by state and program. A score above 80% is considered an “advanced” score that is often required for competitive programs. If you get a score above 92%, you are considered to have an “exemplary” score.

What is the best TEAS test study guide?

The one that you feel is useful for you! We recommend our TEAS Prep for multimedia learning. Specific study guides for Math, Reading, Science and English as well as the practice questions for them are all available on our website. Let’s take a look now!

How long should you study for the TEAS test?

As mentioned above, the ATI suggests you give at least 6 weeks to study for the exam. If you wish to achieve an advanced score, we recommend you spend at least 3 to 4 months studying for the TEAS.

First, give yourself enough time to digest the theory material. Second, make sure you spend enough time practicing and reviewing the concepts. Last but not least, it isn’t so much time that you forget what you’ve learned!

Of course, you may need less or more time to study. Take time to make a personal study plan that is suitable for yourself.

How to Study for the TEAS Test

Step 1: Decide the order of the TEAS subtests you’ll study. Make a general study roadmap and choose quality TEAS test study guide resources.

Step 2: Make a specific personal study plan. As mentioned above, we recommend at least 6 weeks for total study time. Clarify and list all the topics on each subject so that you can dive deep. Give yourself enough time to review all the concepts.

Step 3: Choose your study tools: courses, materials, TEAS test study guide, practice questions, and practice tests.

Step 4: Choose a proper place to study. A comfortable studying environment can help so much.

Step 5: Remember your motivation: What will you get after you pass the TEAS? Your career is more important than the TEAS.

What to Bring on the TEAS Test Day

To be completely prepared for the test day, you should do more than just study the test material. It is very essential to know all the testing expectations so that you have all you need to comply with all of the testing policies.

When you take the TEAS test, there are 3 things you have to bring with you:

Verified ID: Students who take the TEAS test must show their legal ID that has been issued by the government. It should display a photograph, signature, and address of the student. It can be your driver’s license, passports, etc…

Pencils: Every TEAS candidate needs to bring 2 pencils with them on exam day. They must be No. 2 pencils with attached erasers. They should be sharpened before entering the test room. 

For computer-based version: Students have to remember their Account Log-In Information. Every student taking the TEAS  remote version is required to sign-up an account to register and take the exam on the ATI website (atitesting.com). They will use this log-in information to sign in and complete the test.

Except for the items listed above, all other devices or items are prohibited at TEAS test sites. You should leave these items in your car or at home on the test day. Examples of some prohibited items include hats, sunglasses, bags, electronic devices, food, etc…

Students do not need to bring their own scratch paper and calculator, these items are provided for you on test day.

After reading this TEAS test study guide, I hope that you will find a proper learning method for your coming exam. Now it’s time to try some TEAS practice questions. Let’s start!