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Which of the following describes a real-world situation that could be modeled by 12 + 2x = 10 + 5x?

A Courtney charges a $12 fee plus $2 per hour to babysit. Kendra charges a $10 fee plus $5 per hour. Write an equation to find the number of hours for which the two charges are equal.

If x represents the number of hours of babysitting time, then the 2x represents $2 per hour and the 5x represents $5 per hour. So, the expression 12 + 2x represents Courtney’s fee of $12 plus $2 per hour, and the expression 10 + 5x represents Kendra’s fee of $10 plus $5 per hour. The equation which can be solved to determine the number of hours for which Courtney and Kendra charge the same amount is 12 + 2x = 10 + 5x.