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Which of the following BEST rephrases the topic of the fourth paragraph of the passage?

A Human beings must change their activities if the monarch butterfly is to survive.

The author suggests that addressing climate change and halting illegal logging will ensure the survival of the monarch.
The monarch butterfly is able to survive subfreezing temperatures under certain conditions is incorrect. It is true that monarch butterflies can survive subfreezing temperatures if they remain dry. However, this is just a supporting fact and is not the topic of the paragraph.
The monarch butterfly lays its eggs in the warming climate of Mexico is incorrect. This contains incorrect information. The author does not state in which country the monarch lays its eggs.
The monarch butterfly is doomed to a slow extinction due to the effects of climate change is incorrect. The author does not state conclusively that the monarch is doomed to extinction. He does suggest that the fate of the insect is in the hands of humans, though.

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