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What is the author’s purpose in including the third paragraph in this passage?

A To explain what makes the Monarchs’ journey both difficult and admirable.

The explanation of the Monarchs provides details that show how difficult the journey is, which is something to admire.
To provide additional details about the Monarchs’ struggles to survive is incorrect. The purpose of this paragraph, and its content, is not focused on highlighting why it’s becoming difficult for Monarchs to survive. It is simply providing details about the migration itself.
To suggest that if the Monarchs were able to shorten their migration trip, more would be able to survive is incorrect. This paragraph does not contain anything that suggests it is even possible to change the migration patterns or if they would have any effect on Monarchs’ survival.
To explain how humans’ actions are having a negative effect on the Monarchs’ ability to survive the journey is incorrect. Although this paragraph provides information that is later used to argue how humans’ actions could impact the Monarchs, this section in itself does not provide information about human interference.



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