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Which of the following data supports one of the author’s assertions for why superhero movies are so popular today?

A More than eighty percent of women polled stated that they identified with Wonder Woman’s struggles.

The passage states that superheroes are “easy to identify with.” So identifying with Wonder Woman’s struggles mirrors one of the author’s assertions as to why the films are so popular.
Computer animation is now responsible for more than 95% of all special effects in movies is incorrect. Although special effects are popular, they are not cited as a reason for the popularity of superhero movies in the passage.
Over half of all moviegoers prefer watching sequels and prequels to any other type of film is incorrect. Certainly, there are many superhero sequels and prequels, but that is not given as a reason for the popularity of superhero films.
Seventy-five percent of those surveyed stated that they preferred villains to superheroes is incorrect. The passage talks exclusively about superheroes and does not mention the villains that they fight against.

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