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Since rejoining UNESCO, one of our top priorities has been promoting literacy, with a particular focus on girls and women. To that end, quality providers of informal education have played and will continue to play a key role in decreasing the global adult illiteracy rate. We know that informal education can be more flexible and help reach adults who have long ago dropped out of the formal school system or who were systematically denied access to school. As the largest government donor to UNICEF, the United States is supporting efforts to support safe schools, and quality education for each and every girl and boy.
Which of the following is not something with which the author of the above statements would likely agree?

A Formal education is better than informal education

Look for a statement that is directly contradicted by the passage. The author says that “informal education” plays a “key role.” There is nothing to indicate the author thinks it is not as good as formal education.



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This app is great practice.

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