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“The tall man wearing a black raincoat, a yellow hat, and one red shoe entered the restaurant, walked to the back, and sat down alone at the smallest table farthest away from the staff and other patrons.” This sentence has which of the following structures?

A Simple

Despite its length, this is a simple sentence—one independent clause, including a compound predicate (entered, walked, sat) modifying the subject (man) and a participial phrase (wearing) with multiple objects (raincoat, hat, shoe). All modifiers are adjectives (tall, black, yellow, red, smallest, other), adverbs (down, alone, farthest), prepositions (away from), prepositional phrases (to the back, at the smallest table, from the staff), and the participial phrase (wearing a black raincoat). It is not complex, having no dependent r subordinate clause; not compound, having only one independent clause; and not compound-complex, having only one independent and no dependent clause.