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A nurse working at a medical clinic earns \$17.81 per hour. The nurse works three 8-hour shifts and one 12-hour shift every week and is paid weekly. Weekly deductions are: federal tax \$102.80, state tax \$24.58, federal insurance \$18.13, and family health insurance \$52.15. What is the nurse's take-home pay each week?

A $443.50

First, you must calculate how many hours the nurse works each week. Three 8-hour shifts plus one 12-hour shift equals 36 hours per week.
Beginning Salary = 36 × 17.81=641.16
Deductions = \$102.80 + \$24.58 + $18.13 + \$52.15 = \$197.66
Take-Home Pay = \$641.16 − \$197.66 = \$443.50

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