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Patrick is coming home from vacation in Costa Rica and wants to fill one of his suitcases with bags of Costa Rican coffee. The weight limit for his suitcase is 22 kilograms, and the suitcase itself weighs 3.2 kilograms. If each bag of coffee weighs 800 grams, how many bags can he bring in his suitcase without going over the limit?

A 23

22 kg − 3.2 kg = 18.8 kg remaining for coffee
18.8 kg = 18,800 g
18,800 g × 1 bag of coffee/800 g =23.5 bags of coffee
Round down to 23 bags. Although 23.5 would normally round up to 24, a 24th bag of coffee would cause the suitcase to exceed the weight limit.

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