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Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding trophic levels?

A Tertiary consumers acquire less energy than primary consumers.

There is always a decrease in the amount of energy transferred from lower trophic levels to higher trophic levels. In general, the higher the trophic level of the consumer, the less overall available energy. Primary consumers have more energy available than both secondary and tertiary consumers.



3 years ago

I do like this app I’ve had it for 3-4 months and just recently found the learning and review part of the app wish it was explained a little more. This app was referred by a friend who used it and passed.


3 years ago

We are given two weeks notice that we had to take the Teas I’ve been using this to study to go over 8 months of material good app


3 years ago

5 stars for quality of review! Really helpful, just heads up team, part 9 of the reading review is unavailable. Could we possibly get that fixed ASAP?

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