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Which of the following is the CORRECT sequence of events that occurs during an inflammatory response?
I. Phagocytes are attracted to the damaged area.
II. Blood vessels become permeable.
III. Damaged cells release histamine.
IV. The formation of pus occurs.


During an inflammatory response, the damaged cells release chemical signals to attract white blood cells to the injured area. These signs are most commonly histamines, that make the nearby capillaries "leaky" or permeable, allowing phagocytic white blood cells to leave the blood vessel and go to the injured area to eat any dead cells or debris that has entered the site. The phagocytes themselves also die near the injured area and are converted into pus, that eventually gives rise to a scab to repair the open wound.[Human Body Science]

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mayowa oluro

2 years ago

Helpful and well structured guide for wrong questions.

Kelechi Nwachukwu

2 years ago

I love the explanation given after each correct or wrong answers

Kendra Greathouse

2 years ago

Very helpful!

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