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– 4 – 5(x – 3) + 5 = _________.

A – 5x + 16

The Rules of Simplifying Expressions:
You are only able to combine like terms, which means you can combine the coefficients of terms that have the same variable with the same exponent.
If the expression includes parentheses, the first step is to apply the distributive property. The distributive property allows you to multiply the coefficient outside the parentheses to every term inside of the parentheses. After you distribute, there will be no more parentheses and you will be able to combine like terms.
Step 1: Apply the Distributive Property
There is a -5 outside of the parentheses, which we will multiply with both terms inside the parentheses.
– 4 – 5(x – 3) + 5
Note, -5 × x equals -5x and -5x -3 equals + 15.
– 4 – 5x + 15 + 5
Step 2: Group Like Terms
We can now rearrange the expression where we combine our like terms. We can first sort using colors:
– 4 – 5x + 15 + 5
Now we rearrange to group like terms together:
– 5x – 4 + 15 + 5
Remember, you MUST include the sign that comes in front of each term. If there is no sign, assume it’s a positive sign.
Step 3: Combine Like Terms
Combine the x-terms. There is only one in this expression, so there is no need to combine.
– 5x
Combine the constants:
– 4 + 15 + 5
= + 16
Step 4: Put All Sets of Simplified Terms Together
– 5x + 16

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