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From the given information, it can be inferred that ________.

A Male bonobos usually have a lower status than their mothers.

To answer this question, you must select the choice that states an inference based on the passage, or something that must reasonably be true given the information in the stimulus and common sense. The paragraph states that bonobo society is matriarchal (led by females—the root matri means "mother," and arch means "leader," as in monarch, or "primary," as in archrival). The text also says that a male's status depends on that of his mother. Given these two facts, a male would likely be of lower status than his mother. The species Pan paniscus is considered closely related to humans, and the species includes both its males and its females. The choice "Bonobo great apes are the primary inhabitants of the forests of the Congo Basin." is a distortion of the first sentence, which says bonobos live mainly in these forests and not that they are the main inhabitants. The choice "Bonobos' expressive faces can communicate various emotions." discusses the apes' "expressive faces," and while the passage says the apes are expressive, it does not mention their faces.

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