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What is the value of x in this equation? \(\frac{\mathrm{(x+3)} }{\mathrm{4}} = \frac{\mathrm{(2x-3)} }{\mathrm{5}}\)

A 9

Always start with the given equation: \(\frac{\mathrm{(x+3)} }{\mathrm{4}} = \frac{\mathrm{(2x-3)} }{\mathrm{5}}\)
Cross-multiply denominators to eliminate each: 5(x+3)=4(2x−3)
Distribute each term through the parentheses: 5x+15=8x–12
Group similar terms by subtracting 5x from both sides, and adding 12 to both sides:
Divide both sides by 3 to solve for x: \(x=27 \div 3=9\)
This answer can be verified by substituting it into the original equation.