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A certain exam has 30 questions. A student gets 1 point for each question he gets right and loses half a point for a question he answers incorrectly; he neither gains nor loses any points for a question left blank. If C is the number of questions a student gets right and B is the number of questions he leaves blank, which of the following represents his score on the exam?

A $6514_w153_h37.png$

If the exam has 30 questions, and the student answered C questions correctly and left B questions blank, then the number of questions the student answered incorrectly must be 30-B-C. He gets one point for each correct question, or 1 × C = C points, and loses $4845_w9_h37.png$ point for each incorrect question, or $9398_w115_h37.png$ points. Therefore, one way to express his total score is $6514_w153_h37.png$