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Alex, David, and Rachel go out to dinner. Alex and David decide to split an appetizer that costs $8.50, and Rachel gets her own appetizer that costs $6.50. Rachel orders lemonade that costs $3, while Alex and David drink the free water. They all order entrées that cost the same price. They split up the bill according to what each person ordered. Which of the following states how much LESS Alex and David will pay than Rachel?

A $5.25

Alex and David split an appetizer that costs $8.50, so each will pay $4.25 in addition to the price of the entrée. Rachel orders an appetizer for $6.50, plus lemonade for $3, so she will pay $9.50 in addition to the price of the entrée.
$9.50 − $4.25 = $5.25

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

I feel confident that adding this app to my studying regimen will enable me to score well on the TEAS.


4 years ago

This app is great practice.

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