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What is the purpose of the conclusion sentence?

A Present two possible explanations for the growing popularity of smartphones.

The conclusion sentence states two possible paths that could explain the arrival of a growth in smartphone popularity. These two suppositions are guesses at what is causing this trend. Because the author injects minimal bias and leaves the answer to the reader’s interpretation, the author is simply presenting explanations as choice E indicates. The other choices are either irrelevant or insufficiently supported by text evidence.


Evelyn Tineo

1 year ago

Great practice skills!


1 year ago

I’m thinking about going back to school to become an ultrasound technician and really appreciate being able to fine an app that lets you study all the material you need for free, super helpful


1 year ago

The first app that did not constantly prompt me to pay for a subscription. Haven’t taken test yet but the questions are all in line with other study aids from ATI

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