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Of the following combinations of accommodations, which does the passage suggest would offer the LOWEST possible rate at Camp Wildflower?

A Rustic Campsite in February.

The question asks for an inference about the least expensive accommodations. Research the passage for information about rates. The next-to-last sentence notes that all accommodations are less expensive during the off-season, so you can infer that Rustic Campsite in February is less expensive than Rustic Campsite in September and that Simple Bungalow in March is less expensive than Simple Bungalow in June. Now determine which costs less, the Simple Bungalow or the Rustic Campsite. The passage introduces the cabins by saying they are appropriate for those with "the budget for a few amenities." (Amenities are comforts or conveniences.) This statement suggests that the indoor options are more expensive than the preceding outdoor options. Thus, you can infer that a Rustic Campsite rents for a lower rate than a Simple Bungalow.

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