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The chemical equation below is unbalanced. When it is properly balanced, how many molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2) are produced for each molecule of propane (C3H8) in the reaction?
C3H8 + H2O-> CO2 + H2O

A Three

The equation as presented in the question is unbalanced, because there are unequal numbers of atoms of each element on the two sides of the arrow. The left side has three carbon atoms and the right only one, etc. To balance the equation, we need to add molecules of each substance so that there are an equal number of atoms of each element on each side. Consider each element individually, and add molecules to each side of the arrow so that their chemical equations balance. The complete balanced equation is as follows: $4939_w265_h18.png$.When balanced, there are three atoms of CO2 for each atom of $6370_w48_h18.png$