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Timmy can usually make six paper airplanes in an hour. However, if he gets interrupted by his parents, he can only make four per hour. His friend John can make seven paper airplanes per hour. One day, Timmy and John decide to have a three-hour long contest to see who can make the most paper airplanes. During the contest, Timmy is interrupted once every hour. John also had to take a break and do chores for an hour. How many more paper airplanes does the winner make?

A 2

Because Timmy is interrupted during each hour, he can only make four paper airplanes per hour, multiplied by 3 hours, for a total of 12 airplanes. John makes seven paper airplanes during the two hours he works without chores, for a total of 14 airplanes. 14 airplanes minus 12 airplanes equals 2.