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The length of Janelle’s Garden is 200 m. What is the length of Janelle’s garden in feet? (Round to the nearest hundredth of a foot if necessary)

A 656.17 feet

Step 1:
Recall that 1 foot = 0.3048 meters. We can use this information to set up the following proportionality equation:
(1 foot)/(0.3048 meters) = (x feet)/(200 meters)
Step 2:
We can then use cross multiplication to solve for the missing term:
(0.3048 meters) × (x feet) = (1 foot) × (200 meters)
0.3048x = 200 feet
Step 3:
Finally, we can divide both sides of the equation by 0.3048 to solve for x:
(0.3048x)/0.3048 = 200 feet/0.3048
x = 656.17 feet