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Simplify the expression below. $9360_w64_h37.png$ . Which of the following is correct?

A $7458_w27_h38.png$

To add mixed number fractions, first convert them to improper fractions, then find a common denominator and add the numerators, placing them over the common denominator. Reduce the final fraction if necessary. $2152_w66_h38.png$ , $6604_w65_h37.png$
Now find the lowest common denominator between 5 and 7. Since they are both prime numbers, their lowest common denominator is their product, 35. We can rewrite both fractions: $1010_w73_h38.png$ , $3486_w64_h38.png$
Now that the denominators are the same, we can add the numerators: $9322_w121_h38.png$