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An ice chest contains 24 sodas, some regular and some diet. The ratio of diet soda to regular soda is 1:3. How many regular sodas are there in the ice chest?

A 18

Put 24 cans into groups of 4. One out of every 4 cans is diet (light gray) so there is 1 light gray can for every 3 dark gray cans. That leaves 18 dark gray cans (regular soda).

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Eve Celene

3 years ago

Of all of them this was the most helpful by far!


3 years ago

I don’t care what anyone else has to say. This app definitely helped me study the best, for my TEAS. Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!!!


3 years ago

The app really help me to review with my test. And what is awesome is, it is feee.

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