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Most of the family was disgusted when Billy proved his _________ nature at Thanksgiving dinner, when he ate the entire table full of turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce all by himself.

A gluttonous

Based on the clues in this sentence, Billy is unable to control himself. He has to have more and eats with no limits. A person like this is called a “glutton.” Billy is certainly selfish and may be famished (starved), but there is no specific evidence to support this as much as there is to support “gluttonous.” In other words, “gluttonous” is the most precise answer. A selfish person could have demanded different items or stolen the food instead of eating it like a glutton does. A famished person is hungry and therefore justified to eat a lot, but then his family should not be disgusted. Billy is an excessive eater, or a gluttonous individual. Choice " gluttonous" is the correct answer