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In a competition, three teams, A, B and C, scored a total of 150 points.
If A scored 40% of this total and B scored four times as many points as C, what was the number of points scored by B?

A 72

To find out the number of points scored by Team B, we need to determine the scores of Teams A and C first.

Team A's score:
40% of 150 = 0.4 * 150 = 60 points

Now, we know that Team B's score is four times the score of Team C. Let's assume Team C's score as "x."

Team B's score = 4 * Team C's score = 4x
The total points scored by all three teams is the sum of their individual scores:
Team A's score + Team B's score + Team C's score = Total points
60 + 4x + x = 150
5x + 60 = 150
5x = 90
x = 18

Now that we have the score of Team C as 18, we can calculate the score of Team B:
Team B's score = 4 * Team C's score = 4 * 18 = 72 points

Therefore, Team B scored 72 points in the competition.

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