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Known for his loquacious speech style, Robert typically delivered ------------ speeches that often used five words for concepts that could be expressed in two words.

A (D)verbose

Because the speech style is loquacious and the speeches use “five words for concepts that could be expressed in two words” the speeches are definitely wordy. That is what these clues are meant to tell you. No expression about the tone is provided so choice B, C and A can be eliminated and choice A is an ambiguous term in this situation. Robert could have easily been a boring speaker but for all we know he could have also been an exciting one. Choice A is ambiguous because when one says a speech is lengthy, it could possibly just mean it was a long speech--not necessarily an excessively long speech (and therefore a wordy, or verbose, speech). It's a tough call and fine line to draw but some questions on the SAT are just like that.