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Which of the following questions is most likely to be addressed in the Spring Edition of the International Communications Magazine?

A What has changed regarding how companies use public relations?

“What has changed” leads one to think of “updates” or new information. Therefore, the heading “Updated Public Relations Policy” would most likely have information regarding changes in how companies use public relations.
Which members will be installed in the future? is incorrect. The question regarding which members will be installed would most likely not be answered in this publication. Instead, the heading “Newly Installed Members” would highlight which members have just been installed.
Which country has the best public relations policy? is incorrect. The publication has a section regarding “Updated Public Relations Policy,” but nothing about this heading hints to having information regarding the country with the best public relations policy.
How has journalism impacted society across the years? is incorrect. The last heading, “Journalism and its Future,” would most likely include information regarding the future of journalism, rather than how it has impacted society “across the years.”

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