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Which of the following publications would MOST LIKELY contain these sentences?
MOLLY: "Have you seen my new white boots? I thought I’d left them here."
STEVIE: "Yeah, I think your sister is wearing them."

A Stage play.

In stage plays, characters’ names are centered and capitalized.
Scientific journal is incorrect. Scientific writing must be clear, concise, accurate, and objective. A journal article may include original research, re-analyses of research, reviews of literature in a specific area, proposals of new but untested theories, or opinion pieces.
Poetry anthology is incorrect. Instead of paragraphs, poems are written in stanzas, groups of lines that contain a central idea.
Business memo is incorrect. Business memos convey needed information (and thus need to be straightforward) and must include a To line, a From line, a Date line, a Subject line, and the actual body of the message.

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