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92 pounds is equal to how many kilograms? Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary.

A 41.82

Step 1: Determine the Conversion You Will Use
This is your essential first step. If you know the conversion rate involved in the problem, in this case, pounds to kilograms, use that. If not, and you only remember something different, convert one or more of the measurements into the units you do remember.
For this problem, we are going to use the kilogram and pounds conversion rate.
1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds
Step 2: Set Up a Proportion
We will set up a proportion comparing our units.
(1 kilogram)/(2.2 pounds) = (x kilograms)/(92 pounds)
We made sure that both numerators contained kilograms, and both denominators contained pounds. This kept units the same.
Step 3: Cross Multiply and Solve
When we cross multiply, we multiply one numerator by the opposite denominator.
(1 kilogram)/(2.2 pounds) = (x kilograms)/(92 pounds)
(2.2 × x) = (1 × 92)
Notice we were able to drop the units.
When we simplify by actually doing the multiplication, we get:
2.2x = 92
Since we are trying to solve for 1x, we must divide both sides by 2.2.
2.2x = 92
2.2 2.2
This comes out as:
x = 41.81818
Our question asks us to round to the nearest hundredth, where the first 1 to the right of the decimal point is located. The answer is 41.82 kilograms.

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