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A patient on a clear diet consumes the following for the day:
2 pints of water
an 8 oz. serving of clear soup
an 8 oz. cup of coffee
A nurse reviewing his intake and output notes that his drainage bag shows 1,000 mL for the past day.
What is his deficit in milliliters?

A 440 mL.

The patient's total intake is calculated first by converting everything to ounces: 2 pints of water x 16 oz per pint = 32 oz.; 32 oz. water + 8 oz. coffee + 8 oz. soup = 48 oz. To convert ounces to milliliters (mL) multiply by 30 oz./milliliter. 48 oz. x 30 ox/mL = 1440 mL. Therefore the deficit in milliliters is 1440-1000 = 440 mL.

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