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20% of a student's final grade for each semester comes from the final semester exam. The average of each quarter is worth 40%. What would a student need to make on the exam if she wanted to have a semester average of at least 92 and the first quarter average was 93, the second quarter's average was 89? (The final average will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.)

A 96

Each quarter's grade is worth 40% and the final exam is worth 20%. Use the following equation:
93 x 40% +89 x 40% + FG x 20% = 92, where FG is the final exam.
37.2 +35.6 + 0.2(FG) = 92
0.2(FG) = 19.2
FG = 19.2/0.2 = 96



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I think this is a good app to use to review for the ATI TEAS.


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I feel confident that adding this app to my studying regimen will enable me to score well on the TEAS.


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This app is great practice.

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