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Solve for y: 6(y + 3) = 48

A y = 5

We will first eliminate the parenthesis from the equation by using the distributive law. We will then isolate the variable on the left-hand side by carrying out the necessary mathematical operations on both sides of the equation. Finally, we will simplify the numbers to solve the equation for y.
Step 1:
Eliminate the parenthesis
We will apply the distributive law by multiplying both the terms in parenthesis by 6. This will eliminate the parenthesis from the equation.
6 × y + 6 × 3 = 48
Or, 6y + 18 = 48
Step 2:
Isolate the variable
We will first subtract 18 from both sides of the equation and carry out the subtraction.
6y + 18 – 18 = 48 – 18
Or, 6y = 30
We will then divide both sides of the equation by 6 to isolate y on the left-hand side, before simplifying the numbers to solve the equation.
(6y)/6 = 30/6
Or, y = 5

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3 years ago

I do like this app I’ve had it for 3-4 months and just recently found the learning and review part of the app wish it was explained a little more. This app was referred by a friend who used it and passed.


3 years ago

We are given two weeks notice that we had to take the Teas I’ve been using this to study to go over 8 months of material good app


3 years ago

5 stars for quality of review! Really helpful, just heads up team, part 9 of the reading review is unavailable. Could we possibly get that fixed ASAP?

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