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A taxi service charges $5.50 for the first $3373_w9_h37.png$th of a mile, $1.50 for each additional $3373_w9_h37.png$th of a mile, and 20¢ per minute of waiting time. Joan took a cab from her place to a flower shop 8 miles away, where she bought a bouquet, then another 3.6 miles to her mother’s place. The driver had to wait 9 minutes while she bought the bouquet. What was the fare?

A $92.80

The total distance traveled was 8 + 3.6 = 11.6 miles. The first $3373_w9_h37.png$ of a mile is charged at the higher rate. Since$3373_w9_h37.png$ = 0.2, the remainder of the trip is 11.4 miles. Thus the fare for the distance traveled is computed as $5.5 + 5*11.4*$1.5 = $91. To this the charge for waiting time must be added, which is simply 9 x 20¢ = 180¢ = $1.80. Finally, add the two charges, $91 + $1.80 = $92.80.