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John, Lucy and Emma share 60 pencils in the ratio 4:5:6. How many pencils does Lucy receive?

A 20

60 pencils are distributed to John, Lucy and Emma in the proportion of 4:5:6.
First, add the numbers given in the proportion to get a denominator to use, in this case: 4 + 5 + 6 = 15.
Then, use 15 as the denominator to express each part in a fraction:
John gets $5558_w18_h38.png$ of the 60 pencils.
Lucy gets $5333_w18_h39.png$ of the 60 pencils.
Emma gets $2811_w18_h38.png$ of the 60 pencils.
Multiply Lucy’s fraction by the total number of pencils (60) to get the number of Lucy’s pencils: