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A new phone costs $800. Margaret has insurance on her phone that covers 73% of the cost of a new phone if something happens. If her phone is stolen or broken, how much will she have to pay for a new phone?

A $216

To solve this problem, we multiply the cost of a new phone by the percentage she would have to pay. We know that her insurance covers 73%, so she will have to pay the difference.
100% – 73% = 27%
So, Margaret has to pay 27% of the total cost of the phone. Let’s convert 27% into a decimal in order to solve. We convert a percentage into a decimal by dividing by 100.
27% = $3175_w123_h14.png$
Multiply the percentage Margaret is responsible for (0.27) times the total cost of the phone (800) to calculate the dollar amount Margaret will pay for the phone.
She will have to pay $216.