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If 17 dollars is equivalent to 266 Egyptian Pounds, how many Pounds would you get with 121 dollars?

A 1,893.3

Step 1: Interpret the Problem and Set Up a Proportion
In this problem, we know that $17 is equivalent to 266 Egyptian Pounds. We are trying to find the number of pounds that could be obtained with $121 at the same exchange rate.
When we set up the proportion, the units must match. Since we are dealing with dollars per pound, dollars will be in the numerator and pounds will be in the denominator.
Let X be the number of pounds that is equivalent to 121 dollars.
So we have:
$17 ⇒ $121
266 pounds ⇒ X pounds
17/266 = 121/X
Step 2: Cross Multiply & Solve the Equation
To find the X, we multiply one denominator by the opposite numerator.
(17 × X) = (121 × 266)
This gets simplified to:
17 X = 32,186
Now we can solve for X:
17X/17 = 32,186/17
32,186 ÷ 17 = 1,893.3
X = 1,893.3
$121 can buy 1,893.3 Egyptian Pounds.

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